9 Interior/Design Instagram Accounts You Should be Following

If you’re looking for some inspirational Instagram accounts to keep your creative juices flowing, look no further than these 9 top Instagram accounts that’re packed with enough stunning interior design, ideas and decor to make your mouth water!

Jonathan Adler


Iconic potter, designer, author, and personality Jonathan Adler is dedicated to bringing style, craft and joy to your life.

Adler launched his first ceramic collection in 1994 at Barneys New York. Five years later he expanded into home furnishings, opening his first namesake boutique in Manhattan.

Jonathan Adler now has over 20 stores worldwide, a thriving e-commerce site, and a wholesale business boasting over 1,000 locations globally.

Eddie Ross

After a two-year stint running his own catering company, where he continued to refine his skills in decorating and entertaining, Eddie made the move to publishing. As Associate Decorating Editor at House Beautiful, he produced the popular “Weekend Shopper,” a monthly article for which he’d travel to flea markets around the country, giving new life to old things. 
As the Senior Style Editor of Martha Stewart Living, Eddie continued to inspire readers with clever ways of integrating new and vintage furniture and objects into clean, classic design.


Rome-born designer Alessandra Branca learned at an early age that classical beauty was meant to be intermingled with everyday life, and that the well-lived life takes place not in stiff and serious surroundings, but in artful structures graced with a comfortable elegance and wit.
Branca is widely known for fusing chic, old-world craftsmanship with energy and practicality in all she designs. Celebrated for her impeccable style and exceptional use of color, Branca is consistently ranked as one of America’s top designers. 



Upon moving to Los Angeles, Nathan successfully merged his greatest passions – design, travel and food – into his eponymous shop. Located on North Almont Drive in Los Angeles, Nathan’s store has become an expression of his years traveling, a faithful source for the country’s leading interior designers, as well as some of the most stylish individuals from coast to coast. 

Michelle Nussbaumer

Interior designer, world traveler, wife, mother of four, peace monger, lover of beauty whose favouite colour is vermillion red, and whose top style icons are style icons: guyatri devi, renzo mongiardino, kalef alaton, caravaggio, ava gardner.

Jeffrey Marks inc

Jeffrey Alan Marks epitomizes fresh, spirited, timeless design. A trendsetter for over two decades, he is known internationally for designing and sourcing exclusive and unique elements from around the globe. 


Kelly Wearstler is renowned for unexpected, bold chic design pioneered by its namesake. With a completely distinctive style that juxtaposes refinement with rawness, melds color, sophistication and swank and seamlessly blends many periods of furniture under one roof, Wearstler has revolutionized the look, feel and meaning of modern American design. 

Amanda Nisbet

Amanda Nisbet presents a dynamic selection of work drawn from fifteen years of practice,  reminding readers that home is for living in, and a designer’s job is first and foremost to answer a client’s needs, wishes and dreams.

Julia B. Edelmann

As a former antiques dealer, Julia’s passion for antiques, artifacts and found objects translates into beautiful modern homes with a timeless quality that is so relevant to how families live today. Her skill at artfully blending styles and periods has made her a tastemaker and trendsetter with a reputation for flair and a genuine desire to create special places.
Which other interior design related Instagram accounts do you Love to follow?

Interior Designer Nicola Henry talks about becoming a designer, Spanish properties, and her influences

We’re especially excited to have Nicola from Henry Home Staging answer a few questions about interior design for the BBHSL blog! She’s managed to decorate rooms for as little as $180 with her awesome shopping and repurposing skills- you’ll be amazed by what she can do on a budget!
NicolaAs a short bio, Nicola has worked for one of the biggest names in interiors, Holly Hunt Inc, as well as for home owners wanting to sell their home. She’s extremely well placed to give advice on how to appeal to the broadest range of buyers. “I keep up to date with the latest trends and I take into consideration the kind of buyer that your home would appeal to, and decorate accordingly. You can see from my portfolio that I use many different styles from rustic to traditional to modern.”

1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? How did you get into Interior Design? What is it that drew you toward this industry?

I actually began my design career in the fashion industry with my own hat line which I designed, made and then sold to boutiques. At twenty, I bought my first home and the interior design obsession began.
I spent hours poring over magazines and creating sketches of room ideas and then the great satisfaction I got from  seeing a blank canvas change to a beautiful apartment made me want to do it again and again.
After that, my husband and I purchased a 1920s terraced house and renovated it – I designed it and he executed it! And then I found another house to renovate and did it all again. I started giving friends and family advice on room layouts and color schemes and it grew from there.
Then when I moved to the States I started work on a health retreat which was a converted ranch in Northern California. There were twelve bedrooms, an apartment, a yoga room and a common room to decorate as well as the conversion of the barn into a house. It was a long term project which I enjoyed greatly. Since then I have continued working on several interiors and home staging projects.

2. What’s the first memory you have of when the interior of a building really struck you as being something special?

I didn’t go in, but I remember driving past Warwick Castle in England and being awestruck by how magnificent it was. The pictures really don’t do it justice. Go visit!

3. What interior designs style/trend do you hate? 

I am not a fan of traditional design, although it has its place. If budget and client taste allows then I love super modern, and sleek, particularly the use of industrial items in the home. I call it “Industrial Chic”. For instance, polished concrete in place of granite counters or tiled floors. However, I talk a lot to the clients first to discover what they like and then I make sure I design within their taste, whilst opening them up to new ideas at the same time.

4. If you could only ask a new client one question before putting together some preliminary designs for them, what would it be and why?

The first question I ask is what the needs of the room are, because if you don’t know what the client wants to use the room for, then there’s nothing to start from. I like to plan around the room’s requirements and practicalities first and then find beautiful pieces that work. This means that the client is always happy because they feel that they are being listened to and that they are getting what they want.

5. Are there any other designers you often draw inspiration from? If so, what’s so special about these designers, and if not, where do you get your inspiration?

I keep up with fashion trends because fashion and interior trends mirror each other. To get inspiration I first go to the client.  I am always very interested in the kinds of styles or colors that they like and then I build on that. I might bring a few magazines and see what they react to. I point out a few things that are not their usual style to see how they react and if they are open then that gives me the opportunity to show them a design style that they perhaps hadn’t been brave enough to try. I make sure I pay regular visits to my favourite stores too, so that I keep up to date with new trends and styles coming onto the market.

6. In a couple of paragraphs, can you describe your ideal bedroom?

Spacious and luxurious. I love big bedrooms where there is enough room for a huge dressing room with a dressing table to do makeup, and then in the main room, a seating area with a sofa and accent chairs. Then when us women have our girlfriends over, we have a girly place to relax without interruption. I love a variety of different textiles that are tactile and build the feeling on luxury for instance, a beautiful wool throw blanket, silk velvet chaise, or a sheepskin rug. Maybe some leather on the walls. I’m not a fan of bare wooden floors in a bedroom because it just doesn’t feel comfortable to me. A rug is a must! I want to feel softness beneath my feet.

7. If you were asked to design a truly luxurious bathroom, what materials would you be drawn to, and why?

To be truly luxurious I love a huge jacuzzi bath and speakers hidden in the bathroom ceiling for a relaxing evening of bubbles and music. Nowadays we don’t get a lot of time to enjoy simple pleasures and this makes the bathroom a destination rather than just a practical room.

8. What design trends did you enjoy in 2013, and which trends do you think will be popular in 2014?

I love color so I was very happy that my favourite color teal was de rigeur last year. I know that neutral is very popular and will never go out of style so that will continue. I also think that the metallics that were in last year will continue through 2014, especially if you take a look at fashion and beauty trends this year also.

9. What advice would you give to someone who’s looking to redecorate a Mediterranean holiday apartment?

Don’t get stuck on what you “should” have in an apartment of that type. Go with what you like and not necessarily with what’s expected. Just because you are in Spain, it doesn’t mean that everything should be terracotta and yellow.

10. Which details are most often overlooked in the interior of a hotel?

Not enough bathroom privacy! There should be two doors between the toilet and the room otherwise the romance is quickly ruined! And also, mirrors that don’t fog up.
A massive thanks to Nicola for taking the time out of her schedule to answer these questions! Don’t forget to check out her site and work over at www.henryhomestaging.com 

Top 10 Interior Design Blogs

Being a company that provides luxury products to interior designers, we thought we’d share with you 10 interior design blogs that we love. That we just can’t get enough of. That we can’t wait to read, week in, week out. What draws us to these blogs is the mass of honesty and inspiration that exudes from them. When we come away from these websites, we’re filled with a massive appreciation of the beauty, and artistry that goes into so many of the interiors that we see around us each and every day. Enjoy!

Emmas DesignBlogg

bestinteriorblogs1 “My name is Emma Fexeus, I’m a 34 year old professional blogger, freelance writer and interior stylist. I started out as a styling assistant working both for magazines and freelancing for various interior stylists. After taking classes in Interior Styling at Central St Martins College and at Beckmans College of Design, I took the step to start doing my own styling jobs for magazines and advertising. You can see some of it here. In March 2013 I released my first book; Northern Delights, Scandinavian Homes, Interiors and Design. The first edition sold out in 2,5 months.”
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Famille Summerbelle

bestinteriorblogs2 Famille Summerbelle is a place which shares amazingly creative content. Although it not solely about interior design, there’s a wealth of inspiration to be taken from this fantastic blog!
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Bright Bazaar

bestinteriorblogs3 If you’re looking for colour inspiration for a room you just know needs to be bright, this blog is amazing! “Colour has always been my addiction, and since I founded Bright.Bazaarin 2009 I’ve been documenting my love for all things bright right here.”
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Fresh Design

bestinteriorblogs4Fresh Design Blog is an independent UK homes and interiors blog dedicated to finding and profiling the best in contemporary, fresh and modern home and garden products, ideas and design”.
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Dear Designer

bestinteriorblogs5 Carole King is an “Interior Designer, writer and design junkie. This is where [she] shares her inspiration and latest design infatuations” plus few nuggets of wisdom along the waytoo.
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Design Hunter

bestinteriorblogs6 “Design Hunter is an award-winning UK design and lifestyle blog offering a daily edit of news, finds and inspiration. Created by Helen Powell, its aim is to feature beautiful interiors, interesting people, emerging trends and enduringly good design.”
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The Design Sheppard

bestinteriorblogs7 The Design Sheppard is Stacey Sheppard’s online home “where [she] blog about all things interior design-related. From furniture, lighting and flooring to kitchens, bathrooms and wallcoverings, you name it”.
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bestinteriorblogs8 Remodelista is a stunning, content rich site packed with beaufitul imagery, and some of  the most inspiring ideas you’ll find on the web. Beware though, you could easily get lost here for hours on end!
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Fine Little Day

bestinteriorblogs9 “The blog is inspiration focused and features everything from book reviews, crafts, patterns, interiors and art, to DIY projects and home tours. The blog is very much about appreciating everyday life, about creativity and eye candy in different forms”
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Lobster and Swan

bestinteriorblogs10 Lobster and Swan is “the place where [Jeska] likes to share all the things that warm my heart, from favourite recipes and decorating ideas to daily discoveries and inspirations”.
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What other interior design blogs do you love?

Tony from ‘Home Care On The Web’ talks with us about the Spanish holiday rental market, under-rated features of rental properties and more.

Property Management Spain

We’re extremely grateful to Tony, founder of the Spanish property management group HomeCareOnTheWeb for agreeing to answer a few questions from us about the Spanish holiday and rentals market. I hope you agree that this makes for some fascinating reading!

1. Could you let us know about what HomeCareontheWeb offers?

homecareWhatever type of ‘home-from-home’ you own in Spain and whether you need rental income, or simply someone to take care of your property while you’re away, HomeCareontheWeb with its many years of experience and dedicated multilingual team are there to ensure your home is expertly cared for.
We’re a virtual ‘one-stop shop’ that provides every management service a holiday home owner could conceivably need, from changing light bulbs, providing clean towels, paying bills and local taxes, installing new boilers, fixing damp problems, or even doing complete renovations. Everything is carried out legally by our skilled workforce. If you require rental income we have a team of people who specialise in either holiday rentals or long term tenants taking care of everything from the booking to the departure. Last year we took care of nearly 8000 holiday guests.

2. Economically speaking, things have been pretty turbulent in Spain for the past few years. How has this affected the holiday rental market?

Everyone still wants to go on holiday and the costa del sol is still a great option: cheap flights, less than 3 hours flight from UK, great choice of accommodation, great beaches, fantastic restaurants, all forms of sport and of course the sun. These times are financially turbulent but we have seen our holiday rental business grow year on year.

3. For anyone looking to get into the holiday rental industry in Spain, what would be your main advice?

Be honest – tell potential clients as much as you can about the area and the accommodation.Respond quickly to their questions and always be available to them in case of any problems whilst they are here on holiday.

4. What would you say is the most under-rated feature or tactic to increase the rental value of a property?

WIFI – everyone still wants to be in touch either with their business, friends, family and generally surf the internet.

5. What mistake do you most often see owners of holiday rental properties making when they’re trying to provide a good service?

Bad communication – everyone likes to talk and ask many questions, after all this is a large investment they are making to come on holiday so they need to know everything. helping know more about the accommodation and the area is often better done on the telephone.

6. What are the main benefits of using a property management company, rather than trying to do everything yourself?

A good property management company will always be there to assist and advise with any property related issues, and will be available 7 days a week to help owners and guests enjoy their holiday home.

7. How do you see the holiday rentals industry developing in Spain over the next 5 years?

The demand for quality holiday homes will increase, as more and more countries are able to take advantage of cheaper travel. As I said earlier everyone wants to go on holiday.
For owners there will be more legalisation to ensure the property is safe and fit for purpose along with ensuring the relevant taxes are paid. Overall the future is good for owners with increased demand from holiday clients and good for holiday makers as Spain is still one of the greatest holiday destinations in the world.
If you’re looking for a property management company in the Costa Del Sol, don’t forget to check out HomeCareOnTheWeb!


Increasing Rental Income

This is the second post in our two part series on increasing the rental value of your holiday property/vacation rental. You can see the first 12 ideas over on the last post, here. We’d love to read your comments below.

In the meantime, let’s continue with the tips!

Ask for Suggestions

As the property owner, sometimes it’s difficult to see the forest for the trees. Ask guests to complete a short survey after their stay, and you’ll be surprised by the feedback that’s given. Often suggestions will be made that you would never have thought of.  Make those improvements and post your efforts online so customers can see how you are constantly improving your holiday home experience.

Paint is a Wonderful Mask

A fresh lick of paint will do wonders for a holiday home and add instant value. Keep the colours as neutral as possible so the colour scheme doesn’t offend too many visitors. A refresh of the exterior paintwork will also help, making sure your property always looks clean and inviting.

Look Back

Take a look at your rental calendar over the past couple of years and look for trends, and consider what you can do to increase your overall revenue based on this information. For example, if November is a quiet month, consider reducing your pricing, offering more flexible terms, or discounts for longer stays. If you’re always booked up in August, and turning people down, could you still be fully booked if you raised your rates?

Leave a Helpful Welcome Pack and Goodies

Many families will arrive and be grateful for a pint of milk, tea and coffee sachets and a loaf of bread if they’ve not been able to do some shopping prior to arrival (especially if flight arrival times are usually late in the evening). Also, spend some time putting together a folder of recommendations for your guests. The more personal you can make this, the better. Include suggestions on where to eat, where to visit, reliable car hire companies, discount vouchers for local companies who you can partner with, and emergency contacts in case anything goes wrong during their stay.

Value-Adding Extras

Internet connectivity is becoming an expected norm no matter where we go, so don’t make your guests suffer from withdrawal symptoms. Internet connections in Spain are usually very affordable, and will likely gain you at least an extra couple of bookings per year. On top of this, consider offering your guests additional extras such access to Netflix, and MP3 players in various bedrooms

Update the Inventory

Visitors who’ve paid a premium rental price don’t expect cutlery that doesn’t match or crockery that’s chipped. Keep your inventory fresh (IKEA is perfect) and make sure all the kitchen utensils are available, and matching. Show them that you’ve paid attention to the details and they’ll be sure to recommend you to a friend, or return year after year.

Improve Your Photography

One of the main ways people make a decision on where to stay during their holiday is by looking through photos. Read this article, and make sure all your photos show the best features of your property. Make sure they’re up to date, full of natural light, show attention to detail and really sell every room you have to offer.

Build a Calendar of Local Events

If you know what large events, conferences, and festivals are coming up, you can plan accordingly. For example, if the last week in May is the city carnival, then demand will be higher during this week, so you should be ok to increase your rates for this time period.

Get Seen

You can have the best holiday home in the world, but if nobody knows you exist, you won’t receive any bookings. Promote your holiday home through the local newspapers and community publications; most are happy to feature local interest stories and will add value to your business.  List your property on plenty of vacation rental websites, and don’t forget to take advantage of new online sites such as AirBnB.

Answer Questions Quickly

Make sure you respond to enquiries quickly. If you leave it a couple of days, you’ve likely lost that booking, so ensure you regularly check your messages and inbox.

Add Surprising Amenities

Above, we covered some amenities you should always be striving to have: wifi, air-con, matching cutlery etc. But if you have enough of a budget and enough space, consider introducing guest-friendly services such as anything from an exercise bike to an external hot-tub. These kind of extras help you to demand a higher rental price.

Ask For A Review

One of the main ways guests choose which holiday property to choose is based on the reviews left on the booking site. If you notice a month after their stay that a guest hasn’t left a review, why not give them a call, and ask why, and prompt them to do so.

Whether you implement all of the above ideas, or just a few, you should hopefully see an increase in the yearly income of your rental property. Remember, it’s all about attention to detail. The detail of the property, and the detail of the information you have at your fingertips.

Good luck, and please do let us know how it goes!

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24 Ways To Add Rental Value To Your Holiday Property [Part 1]

Increase rental value of holiday property

Welcome to Part 1 of our 2 part series on increasing the rental value of your holiday property! Be sure to sign up to our mailing list so  you know as soon as the next post is published!

To increase the rental value of your holiday home, you need to not just enhance the appeal and desirability of your property, but also carefully make use of the information that’s available to you.

Now, by ‘increase the rental value of your holiday home’, we’re not simply talking about the ‘per night’ charge, but rather the per year income. This is, after all, the real value of your holiday home.

If you can only rent out the property for one week per year at €500, then the yearly rental value of that property is just €500.

With this in mind, we hope these tips will help you to increase the per year rental value of your property by helping you to generate more bookings, higher per-night charges, and more repeat visits.

Of course, all of these methods involve some time, but you’ll be glad to hear that not all involve money. Some will not directly increase the rental value of your property, but should indirectly lead to results (such as more positive reviews from past guests) which will enable to you increase your rates further down the line.

Included in this document are a selection of ideas, from the obvious (which are often overlooked), to a few tactics that you might not have thought of.

Collect Customer Details

If you know the email address and postal address of your past guests (as well as those who’ve contacted you about your property but not booked a stay yet), you can contact them in the future, and let them know what’s happening. If there’s a fiesta next month and you haven’t got any bookings, shoot out an email and let people know what to expect from the fiesta. Sell the experience, and you may just get a booking!

Keep Everything Spotless

One of the first things you can do is make sure all areas of the holiday home are free of tarnish and grime. A dirty, scruffy property will not attract higher rental costs. Make sure you’re paying attention to the details. Is the dust removed from the corners of the every room? Have all cobwebs been swept away? If you have plants and flowers, make sure they’re alive and well. Oh, and air-fresheners please.

Improve Your Description

You’re not selling a house here, not are you selling an accountancy service. You’re selling an experience. So make sure that when a potential visitor reads about your property, they feel the excitement, and they truly understand that staying at your holiday home will provide them with the exciting, relaxing, luxurious, or homely experience they’re looking for. If you’re not a confident writer, considering hiring a copywriter to put this description together for you.

Make the Bathroom More Luxurious

As one of the more intimate rooms in the home, the bathroom should make your guests feel pampered. Ensure the bath and shower are clean,  in good condition and that the mirrors are adequate. A tired floor can be revitalized inexpensively with a range of floor tiles.   Then turn your attention to the smaller details. Include some quality products (shampoos, soaps, hand wash etc), as well as some luxurious towels and bath robes. Including these items not only saves valuable packing space for your guests, but also adds a more ‘quality’ feel to their stay, which they’ll rave about when they return home.

Be Flexible

You may request people stay at least 5 days, but perhaps this isn’t the best offer. What if flight companies have deals which make a 3 day stay more appealing to your potential guests? If so, consider offering deals that fit within these parameters.

Check Your Appliances

Again, in an attempt to make your guest’s visit as seamless as possible, make sure everything from the kettle to the fridge, to every light-switch and bulb in the house is in good working order. The addition of washing machines and dish-washers add value, and gadgets such as sandwich toasters and bread makers are attractive novelties. And it goes without saying, get air-con installed. For many holiday-goers, air-con is a non-negotiable feature of a holiday home.

Don’t Ignore the Outdoors

Landscaping a front or rear garden and maintaining the lawn and plants is a winning strategy. If there is no garden as such, the outdoor space should be kept tidy. The availability of parking on the property is also a valuable selling point for visitors.

Research Flight Times

Customer service does not simply revolve around the property. If you check online and see that the only flights on a Wednesday or Thursday arrive at 11:30pm, which makes getting to your property via public transport (or even taxi) difficult, arrange for airport pick-ups and drop-offs for your guests, so they have no reason to say ‘no’ to your property when searching for a place to stay.

Protect Your Guests

Additional security for families is never a bad thing and installing an alarm system and a safe,  is often a good-selling point for the holiday home brochure and website. After all, many people now travel with laptops, iPads, phones, and a whole host of other expensive items. Make sure your guests feel safe leaving their belongings in the property while they go to the beach.

Fresh Flowers Sell

A smattering of fresh flowers in the kitchen and lounge are a welcome sight and can add an attractive spray of colour to the property. This shows your guests that you care, and that the property has been checked over very recently.

Set-up a Facebook page

Most vacation testimonials sit in a dusty book on the telephone table. Create a Facebook page for your business and put all the positive guest comments on the site for all to see. Encourage your guests to post their holiday snaps to the page, and to share the page with their friends. In the future, you’ll then still be able to reach your old guests, letting them know of changes you’ve made, or discounts that are available in order to bring in more bookings.

Make Booking a Breeze

Don’t try to collect every bit of information you can from your guest when they’re booking. Make things simple, quick, and as relaxing as possible.  you don’t want to turn them away just before they hit that ‘Make a Booking’ button.

Our next blog post will contain even more tips on increasing the rental value of your holiday property. Be sure to sign up to our mailing list to take advantage 🙂

Whether you implement all of the above ideas, or just a few, you should hopefully see an increase in the yearly income of your rental property. Remember, it’s all about attention to detail. The detail of the property, and the detail of the information you have at your fingertips.

Good luck, and please do let us know how it goes!

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5 Tips For Taking Amazing Photos Of Your Rental Property

photos for rental properties

With photography being one of the most important aspects of selling your vacation rental property to a customer, it’s important that you make the most of this opportunity. Here’s 5 tips that you need to take into consideration when taking those all important shots.

1. Showcase What’s Needed

Your visitor wants to know what it’s like to stay in this property, so make sure you include photos of all the right places. Make sure not to miss out important aspects, such as the bathroom or kitchen (often people will want to see how the kitchen is kitted out so they know if it’s suitable for their use), and view (include a little of the window frame to show it’s not just a copy-and-past picture).

Make sure to include photos of: Living areas, dining areas, bedrooms (specifying which is the master bedroom), bathrooms/shower rooms, the exterior of the property, and any beneficial features such as gyms, swimming pools etc.  Make sure you’re taking your visitor on a tour, so carefully consider the order in which you place your photos so they’re not all disjointed.

2. Use The Right Lighting

If your room is flooded by the late afternoon sun (4-6pm), this would be a good time to take the photo, as natural light will bring out the best in your rooms, and will get your viewers into the holiday spirit. If not, always ensure rooms are bright and well-lit. There’s nothing worse than a dull picture when trying to sell the lightness of a property. Turn on the ceiling lights, and try to avoid using crisp white sheets as these will absorb all of the light, causing too much contrast in the photo.

3. Set The Scene

Remove all unnecessary clutter from the rooms that take attention away from the feeling you’re trying to portray. If you’re taking a photo of the dining room, for instance, make sure your laptop isn’t placed in the background. Maybe you could set the table, with some fresh fruit in the centre, with a local bottle of wine. Place carefully folded towels in the bathroom shot.

Remember, it’s about attention to detail. Try to figure out what kind of emotions your visitor will want to feel while on their holiday, and try to recreate this as well as possible in your photo compositions.

4. Introduce Some Colour

If you feel a photo may look a little bland, feel free to introduce some extra colour into the photo. Place a vase of flowers on a dressing table, sprinkle outside plants and grass with water before taking the shot, bring some cushions into the room.

Again, make your property look fresh, clean and crisp.

5. Make Use Of Captions

When adding a description of caption for each of your photos, use this opportunity to really sell each of your rooms individually. When there’s a shot of the kitchen, let the viewer know if there’s a dishwasher, tumble dryer, what kind of cooker is in the room? Are all utilities provided?

When describing the bathroom, let people know what kind of towels are included, whether dressing gowns, soaps, shampoos are provided etc.

Although pictures do indeed speak a thousand words, it’s a good idea to give your audience a helping hand by spelling out exactly what’s included and what’s to be expected when staying at your property.

What else do you consider when taking photos of your rental property?