Buying a House in Spain? Here Are 5 Sites That’ll Help

Many of our customers are expats who’ve come over to Spain to live the good life, and we know there are a huge number more who’re hoping to make the leap, yet are at a loss as to what to do, and where to go for information. Here are 5 useful sites/articles that’ll set you on the right road.

Ten Things to Know Before Moving to Spain


Excellent article, sharing valuable tips such as “When dealing with any facet of Spanish bureaucracy, remember The Law of Falta Uno: that however many documents and photocopies you take along there will always be ONE missing. Always double check that you have every piece of paper that you think you might need (and possibly even a few more that you don’t).

Be patient. Be assertive. Take plenty of reading material. Rope in a friendly mentor who speaks the lingo, and check any papers you are given with a fine tooth comb for names, dates, accounts numbers and more BEFORE you leave the desk or ventanilla (window). Any undiscovered glitch may set you back years. Oh, and don’t forget the rabbit’s foot”.


Moving Country Checklist


Fantastic checklist to go through before moving to spain, including sections on what to do 6 months before you leave, during the month before you leave, and when you arrive. Don’t be put off by the number of things you have to do. This is pretty much what everyone else has to go through. In the long term, we’re sure it’ll all be worth it!

Learn About Local Accomodation


Use this site to find out as much as you can about accomodation in the area you’re planning to move to. It’ll tell you about the different neighbourhoods, rent prices and where to search for properties.


Relocating From Abroad


An in depth article, with links to other areas such as ‘how to bring your pets’, ‘how to reaseach areas’, and the all-important paperwork needed.


Making Your House Feel Like a Home


Once you move to Spain, you’ll likely need to make some purchases to make that building feel like home.  That’s why, here at Bed Bath & Home we provide a wide array of premium quality products and décor to help make your move to Spain as seamless as possible.


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