What’s So Special About Memory Foam Mattresses?

Memory Foam MattressWhen we’re finding it difficult to sleep, our mind often plays the blame game. I shouldn’t have ate so much chocolate this evening. I shouldn’t have had that coffee after dinner. I didn’t do enough exercise today.

But it’s far more rare for us to blame the mattress that we can’t quite get comfy on, hasn’t been turned over for six months, or has that one broken spring we try in vain to avoid.

Yet we all have those occasions when we wake up in a hotel feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. It’s as though the mattress had softly cradled us until the alarm clock woke us from that deep, heavenly slumber, only to hit ‘snooze’ time and time again because we don’t dare drag ourselves away from such warmth and luxury.

Very often, that sumptuous feeling comes from our body’s gratitude from being allowed to sleep on a mattress that moulds itself to our shape, thereby making more contact with our body, spreading our weight more evenly, causing a reduced amount of stress on many of our pressure points, shoulders, hips etc.

The material that these mattresses are often made from is called memory foam. So called, because the mattress ‘remembers’ the shape of our body, and takes a long time to return to its original shape.

This way these mattresses work is due to their structure. Each memory foam mattress is made from billions of air-filled ‘cells’, which can decompress under pressure. When you lie on a memory foam mattress, therefore, you get a ‘sinking’ feeling, as your weight compresses the air in the cells closest to your body, to create a perfect-fitting cradle for you to relax into.

Given that we spend a third of our lives sleeping then, isn’t it time we made sure we’re treating our body in the right way to help us recover, rejuvenate and rest after a busy day? We spend so much of our earnings on improving our comfort during our waking hours, with technology, entertainment systems, kitchen gadgets and games, while often neglecting our body’s need for a comfortable, supporting mattress during the hours we spend asleep.

So if a more ‘traditional’ mattress isn’t working for you, what should you look out for when shopping for a memory foam mattress?

Generally, the higher the density of the memory foam mattress, the longer the mattress will last, (sometimes it will feel firmer) and the more expensive it will be, though what will work best for you is subjective.

  1. The density of a memory foam mattress is measured based on the weight of one cubic foot of the material. Usually, mattresses will weigh between 2-6 pounds per cubic foot (lbs/ft3). So, 2-3lbs/ft3 is usually seen as ‘cheap’, with 4-6lbs/ft3 (and more) being seen as ‘premium’.

  2. Make sure the mattress you buy is ‘temperature sensitive’. This will ensure that it provides exceptional comfort when brought into contact with your body-heat.

  3. Often memory foam mattresses are actually 2 or 3 layers thick, with the higher quality memory foam glued to foundation layer(s). If this is the case, make sure you research the quality of the foundation layer as this can affect the overall quality and performance of the mattress.

  4. And if you already have a good-quality non-memory foam mattress, but want to try out memory foam, you can always buy a ‘Mattress Topper’. When shopping for a topper, be prepared to pay over the odds compared to the price of a full memory foam mattress, and also shop around for a higher density topper (many stores only stock lower density toppers).

If you have any questions, or need any help with purchasing the best memory foam for your guest rooms, to ensure as many of your guests as possible will feel the benefit of a great nights sleep, please do contact us.


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